Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Cain Train Is Oficially Derailed

The race for the Republican Party's nomination has been an intriguing, suspenseful, and controversial battle thus far. Candidates who have entered the race from the starting point that were seen to have no shot in being a contender at all have surged in the polls. Former front runners have have had devastating demises such as Rick Perry once it was uncovered that his hunting ranch in rural Texas had a rock in front of the entrance with a racial slur spray-painted on it. Current candidates such as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are trying to accomplish what they have tried and failed to do throughout their career, while others such as Herman Cain are just trying to establish their presence in the political arena.
This week, one of the candidates, Herman Cain, who was at one point in the race seen as a child among adults as well as a serious contender for the nomination has suspended his campaign. As a black man in the "white man's party" with minimal political experience, it was very hard for him to be taken seriously at first. However, at a time when out economy is in shambles, his resume that has business triumphs in his time as the CEO of Godfather's Pizza Company influenced many to believe that he is capable returning our economy to its former prosperity. At the end of the third quarter, his campaign had $1.3 million on hand and $675,000 in debts. However, his catchy 9-9-9 plan plan fueled the once overwhelming amount of enthusiasm that thousands of staunch Republicans  from across the nation once had for his campaign. As a result, his campaign reported in November that they had raised over $9 million in just six weeks.

However, he has been proven to a magnet to controversy and over the course of many debates he has had trouble keeping his big mouth shut. Over the past month, it has been revealed that Cain has a self-destructive Achilles Heel which has led his past to haunt him and sabotage his campaign: women. It has been brought to the public's attention that four women have accused Cain engaging in inappropriate sexual advances and two of them have come forward. Although the validity of these accusations is still questionable, the fact of the matter is that four different women have accused him of the same crime. Whether or not these accusations are true, many would agree that it is unlikely that Cain has remained faithful to his wife throughout their marriage. This week, it seems to have become very clear that Cain most likely has fooled around behind his wife's back. It has been leaked to the public that Cain had a 13-year affair with a single mother from Georgia named Ginger White. She had her first television interview on this issue with ABC's George Stephanopolous in which she described the affair as being "very casual." Unlike his other accusers, White can walk-the-walk as well as talk-the-talk. She has shown to numerous reported and authority figured her phone bill which includes over 60 texts and calls from Cain over the past four months. As a result, the inference man by many of his former supporters seems to be obvious: we do not want another Lewinsky-type scandal in the White House!
This week Cain officially suspended  his campaign and he blamed the media for putting a negative spin on his campaign. Although they did without a doubt played a role in his demise, he still put himself in vulnerable positions years ago whether or not these allegations are true or not. Also, he still made insensitive remarks in regards to immigration and abortion. In other words, Cain crossed the line which is something the media is not responsible for but is responsible for exploiting it. However, Cain has left his mark on the race. As his former opponent Michele Bachman said, "he brought a really important, exciting, energetic voice to the race, and I think a lot of people are going to be very sorry to see him go."
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