Sunday, October 9, 2011

Was this Inevitable?

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been one of the leading forces in the fight for the Republican nomination for the 2012 Presidential election. Perry hit the ground running and raised more money than any of his fellow GOP rivals in the first sex weeks of his campaign. In the first fundraising quarter that ended in September, his campaign claims that he raised at least 17 million dollars, with contributions coming from more than 22,000 donors across the nation. At a time when many Americans are looking for work, Perry provided hope from taking credit for his successes in creating jobs in his home state. According to website, 40 percent of all new jobs in America have been created in his home state of Texas. What could've possible gone wrong?

Perry was struck with a blow this week which might not only destroy his bid for the nomination, but his credibility as a whole. It has been revealed that in the early years of his political career Perry hosted numerous meeting with his fellow lawmakers, friends, and supporters at his family's hunting camp in West Texas. At its gated entrance, there is a sign that reads "N***erhead." How could anyone possibly defend that? This is much harder than defending having the middle name Hussein like President Obama had to do in 2008. Not only will this make his chances for the nomination more slim, it will haunt him for the rest of his career and life. However, in regards to the race for the Republican nomination, this might be the tip of the iceberg for Perry's probable demise.

It was not like all was well for Perry prior to this fact that was made public. Since the first quarter ended, Perry's campaign began to show signs of vulnerability. According to Ed Kilgore, a correspondent of the New Republic, "There is abundant evidence that Perry's problem is less a matter of style and substance, and more of a matter of ideology than electability." In early September, Perry had a 3-to-1 advantage over any candidate who strongly supports the Tea Party. However, at the end of the month he only reported having only 10 percent of this groups consent.

Perry's loss of support stems from issues in which  do not correlate with the Republic norm. The one that really stick out is his stance on immigration. In a party that cares deeply about whether or not the candidates agree with them on their issues, Perry goes against the norm and believes that children of illegal immigrants should have reduced college tuition. According to a poll conducted by CNN, 86% of Republicans disapprove of Perry's stance on this issue. In response to his critics, he claimed that they "have no hearts." Now the same thing could be said about him.

As a result of Perry's downward trajectory, Herman Cain has been surging in the polls. Cain defeated Perry and all the other candidates in the Florida straw poll in which Perry admits he did not perform his best. Many believe that Perry came across as being inarticulate in this debate. Even though it may seem like the sign is what sealed his fate, it most likely would've happened slowly over a longer period of time. However, he is not out of the race yet. He is not the only one of the candidates who disagrees with the majority on a particular issue. Who knows, something can pop up from one of his opponents past and negatively impact their support as well.


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